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Summer Herbalism Series

Exploring Medicinal Plants, One-at-a-Time!

This summer, we will be be gathering on select Monday evenings at Anam Cara House to engage in a little plant courtship!

I will facilitate along with herbalist Reishi Leaf, choosing one plant at each gathering to approach slowly, spend time with deliberately, and share our knowledge of collaboratively. 

We will come equipped with everything they know about the medicinal uses, ecology, history and lore of the day's chosen plant, and we will weave tasting, harvest, reflection, and medicine-making into the evenings too, following the gardens' lead. 

Sign up here now to get reminders before each gathering throughout the summer, and then drop by whenever you can!

We're asking $10-20 sliding scale per session, to be paid day of (Venmo/cash/check/we can work something out).

We will be gathering at Anam Cara House: 

3612 Bloomington Avenue S

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Monday Dates (subject to change) are: 

May 20th

June 3rd

June 17th

July 15th

July 29th

August 5th

August 19th

September 16th


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