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How might herbalism be woven into the work that you do? I approach my work in service to the people and the plants, so if you see a new way I might help to bring the two together, I'd love to hear about it!

Introductory Meetings

Herbalism exists in a different paradigm than most of us were raised in, and it can be hard, especially at times when health and money are in short supply, to take the leap of faith of relying on plants foe healing. In order to support your curiosity and your hesitation, I am offering one-on-one meetings to people who just want to know. These meetings will be scheduled for an hour, and I have not set a price for my time. Rather, I invite a free will offering in exchange for my time. You won't leave with remedies, but you will leave with a sense of how you might begin to weave herbalism into the web of how you take care of yourself, your family, and your community.


Please reach out any time to schedule a meeting!

Private Plant Walks

Are you tending a new piece of ground? Or interested in taking an herbal view of a place you’ve been for a while? Let’s take a look at the medicine growing around you.  For $60-120 (sliding scale) I’ll come to you and spend an hour sharing what I know. I’m excited to do this for individuals or groups, in homes or community settings. (April through October!)

Fundraising / Community Support

 I would love to share my work and plant knowledge with people as a way of helping support fundraising or organizing efforts for something you love. Maybe a plant walk, a class offering, or a donated consult would fit into your group’s work? If so, please be in touch!

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