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Match-making plants and people

The heart of my work is one-on-one consultations with people turning to herbs to regain a sense of balance in their physical or emotional health. Consults typically take place in my office in South Minneapolis, but I’m open to making housecalls for a fee if there are limits of accessibility or transportation.

An initial consult lasts 1½-2 hours and includes you sharing your personal health history. Everything you share about your physical/emotional/mental/community health helps me to see the whole person, so this time is yours to speak and be heard. Using pulse testing, I will then find the plants that are well-suited to help, and you will be sent home with remedies (tinctures and sometimes topical salves) to last 1-2 months. Follow-up consults are shorter and involve re-testing remedies and adding new ones when indicated.

Regarding payment, I am always searching for the right balance between accessibility for clients and sustainability for my work.  Please reach out if you need an alternative arrangement. I am currently asking:

$60 - 180 (sliding scale) for initial (90-120 minute) consultations

$30 - 90 / hour (sliding scale) for follow-up consultations

In addition, the price of your remedies will be $20-30 per visit.

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