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I am a folk herbalist at heart, pulled into clinical practice by the need I see around me as our medical system strains under the pressure of profit-driven decision making.

The remedies I use are made with fresh plant material I've harvested in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, many in my own backyard. I use tongue diagnosis and pulse testing as tools for matching people with remedies, but rely most heavily on careful listening.​ My formal training is mostly in the Western Eclectic tradition, and true to that tradition, I draw willingly from many sources of herbal wisdom.

I have been a companion to people in times of birth and death, and I am drawn to the work of supporting these transitions.

I am a mother, partner, neighbor, city-dweller, and care-giver. I tend crowded gardens of food and medicine.  

On my better days, I look at the world around me and bow my head at the enormity of what I won’t have time to learn.
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