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Introduction to Home Herbalism

Mondays, March 20th and 27th, 2023 * 6:30-8:00pm

Anam Cara House *3612 Bloomington Avenue South, MPLS, 55407

It was not long ago that herbalism was a foundational practice for health and healing in most parts of the human world - and where that was true, the keeping of plants as medicine was frequently the job of every household. The current landscape of healthcare in our corner of the world favors specialization and inaccessible technology, and now its stability is threatened by economic and labor pressure. It is a good time to turn back to the plants!

I believe that a returning to herbalism begins at home, where everybody learns the first few things to try when illness/imbalance visits and also has a trusted herbalist they turn to when their own tools aren't enough.

This offering is a two class series designed for people curious about bringing plant medicine into their homes but not sure where to begin.

In the first class we will talk about the historical context for herbalism, consider different preparations for herbs, learn strategies for integrating herbs into our daily lives, and discuss the scope of what herbs can do to support our health.

In the second class we will talk about building your own "materia medica" - a list of trusted herbs and the times you can turn to them. We'll discuss and honor what we already know, and I'll offer in depth information on a few gentle, safe plants that are great to begin with.

The ask for this 2-class series is $30-90, sliding scale. I'm happy to discuss another arrangement if needed.

Registration is CLOSED.


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